Heating Schools, homes, restaurants, hospitals, commercial buildings, religious and entertainment centres have all benefited from a Heatwave heating installation.
Ventilation Air systems for comfort ventilation, for kitchen extract, extract of objectionable odours, car park extract, clean air and environmental, cellars, factories, laboratories, surgical rooms; if it is air movement we handle it.
Air Conditioning Climate control of internal environments is a specialist area. From large multi storied central plant air conditioning to room air conditioners.
Gas Services

Heatwave qualified gas service technicians, operating as part of the Heatwave Service team, provide gas services expertise for industrial and commercial clients.

Craftsman and Registered gasfitters install, service and repair, space and water heating, foodservice, natural gas and LPG, equipment.


Expertise in sheet metal fabrication, mig, tig and arc welding means that many solutions are found in house and goods can be customised to client requirements.

Design and Build	Working directly with Clients, Architects or Engineers Heatwave offers a turnkey operation from the development of client HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) requirements to installation and commissioning.
Maintenance Call now for a maintenance appraisal of your equipment and systems.

Commercial heating, ventilation , and gas servicing are areas of special expertise.

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