Auckland, NZ - High rise

Traditional apartment ventilation, air conditioned fresh air supply to central lobby and lift foyers, air-conditioning to communal areas, service room extracts, car park exhausts.

At the request of the developer, Heatwave re-designed the original systems to trim the services cost by 35% without compromising the original specification.Heatwave to reduce the cost by 35% without compromising the

Collaboration between the builder, developer, designer and services contractor ensured a successful outcome.



Auckland, NZ -Building renewal, change of use.

A change in use for older buildings provides for central city renewal and breathes life into tired facilities. This also provides challenges for the installation of modern building services design.

This challenge was successfully achieved with Heatwave design and build concepts for the conversion of this office building into Hotel apartments. Completely gutted the building was refitted with chilled water fan coil air conditioning, bathroom ventilation, fresh air make up, ventilation, and smoke exhaust systems.

Dealing with older buildings requires special considerations and specialist skills; expertise available from the Heatwave design team.


York Street Apartments

Parnell, NZ - Low rise, multi building, gated community.

Four buildings, each different, one site, rising at the same time.

Nothing was regular with this project. A complex combination of carpark exhausts, individual apartment systems, combined apartment systems, ventilation, air conditioning and kitchen exhausts.

Thorough planning, well resourced teams and skill delivers a quality product.


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